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About Shellee


In late 2014, I lost my corporate event planning position. It was a relief because I was very unhappy after a leadership change and had begun networking and sending out my resume to find a new position. I had been under an incredible amount of stress and, because I was going to receive unemployment compensation, I was afforded the opportunity to take some time to think about what I wanted the next phase of my life to look like.


I loved my time in the event management industry but also felt like maybe there was something more out there. I began a quest to seek out what my life purpose might be....I journaled, wrote a memoir, hiked, traveled, volunteered, meditated, walked on fire - yes HOT COALS! I pulled out my old Meyers Brigs and DISC assessments for clues. I used a tool to help me measure my core values and things that truly bring me joy.

My conclusion was that my purpose is to be of service to others, but, what did that look like? Coaching came up over and over through research and suggestions from people I respect. I sought out other coaches; life, small business, and executive coaches, to ask them questions about the profession. What are the challenges, what are the rewards? I finally concluded that coaching is what I want to do and I would coach people who were navigating through one of life’s greatest stressors – divorce. Before, during, and after.

My next step was to investigate coach training certification programs. I quickly honed in on an eight-month intensive training program through iPEC, the nation’s leading certification program. While I have been a trusted advisor to many, I like my certifications and wanted to have the training and resources to be the best coach I could be. I have a JD (Juris Doctor,) CMP (Certified Meeting Professional,) and, after the growth and power I experienced when I walked on fire, I became certified as a firewalk instructor.

I have a unique perspective on the world of divorce because I have two very different vantage points. I am an attorney who practiced family law (divorce) in Atlanta, GA. I liked being in someone’s corner, advocating for a fair settlement regarding property distribution, child custody, and support issues. I cared deeply about my clients (well, most of them!!), and often they would call me with issues that had nothing to do with legalities pertaining to their divorce. On many occasions, I had to gently tell clients a friend or therapist could help with many of their emotions and would be more cost efficient than paying my hourly rate.

I also went through a divorce. Although I was experienced as a divorce attorney and could put my rational hat on through the legalities, I was ill equipped to deal with all the negative emotions that a divorce brought. Anger, anxiety, victim mentality, fear. My joy now is to help people through the difficult transition of divorce and with moving forward to create a post-divorce life they love.

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