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About Shellee


In late 2014 I lost my corporate job. It was a relief as, after a leadership change, I was already deep into a job search. Because I received unemployment compensation, I was afforded the opportunity to take some time to think about what I wanted the next phase of my life to look like.


For the previous eleven years I was involved in the event management industry. While I loved the industry, I could not ignore the feeling that maybe there was something else out there I should be doing. I began a quest to seek out what my life purpose might be.... I journaled, went on writing retreats, hiked, traveled, volunteered, meditated, and walked on fire - yes HOT COALS! I pulled out old Myers-Briggs and DiSC personalty assessments for clues. I used a tool to help me measure my core values and things that truly bring me joy.

My conclusion was that my life purpose is to be of service to others but, what did that look like? Coaching came up over and over through research and suggestions from people I respect. I sought out other coaches; life, small business, executive coaches, and asked them questions about the profession. What were the challenges, what were the rewards? I finally concluded that coaching was what I wanted to do and I would coach people who were navigating through one of life’s greatest stressors – divorce. Before, during, and after.

My next step was to investigate coach training certification programs and one was a clear winner for me.  I signed on for an eight-month intensive training program through The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), one of the largest International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited coach training schools in the world. While I have been a trusted advisor to many and a certification is not required to call yourself a coach, I wanted to have the training and resources to be the best coach I could be.

I have a unique perspective on the world of divorce because I have two very different vantage points. I am an attorney who practiced family law (divorce) in Atlanta, GA. I loved being in my client's corner advocating for a fair settlement regarding property distribution, child custody, and support issues. I cared deeply about my clients, and they would often call me with issues that had nothing to do with legalities pertaining to their divorce. On many occasions, I had to gently tell clients that a friend, therapist, or coach might be a better choice to help them with their emotions and would be more cost efficient than paying my hourly rate.

I also went through a divorce. Although I was experienced as a divorce attorney and could put my rational hat on while working through the legalities, I was ill-equipped to deal with the negative emotions that divorce brought. Anger, anxiety, victim mentality, and fear (financial) were themes in my life. There really is such a thing as a "D-Diet" (divorce diet!) While my friends and family were supportive, none of them had experienced a divorce and couldn't offer practical wisdom and advice for getting through a very tough time. My joy now is helping clients navigate through the difficult transition of divorce and, at the same time, assist them in defining steps for moving forward to creating a post-divorce life they love.

Shellee is an insightful coach and has a gentle way of getting to the heart of the matter at hand. Often during our sessions, I would bring up situations that I was going through and provide excuses for why things were going the way there were. Shellee always made time for me, would ask me great questions and helped me to get myself unstuck from my own thoughts about why things were so terrible or were never going to get better. I am so grateful for the change in myself that she helped me create! Alison P.


I could not be where I am post-divorce without Shellee. She has been a patient listener, compassionate and wise voice. Shellee is a kind of mirror - through her help, I see myself, my behavior and my life with greater clarity and courage. I now see my challenges as opportunities for an even more fulfilling, authentic life. Shellee has a gift that goes beyond an ability to coach - she inspires me to treat myself with empathy and care - and to demand the best for myself. Patricia S.

Shellee is a world-class professional of deep authenticity, passion and courage. She is one of the most skilled, compassionate, and intuitive Coaches around. If you're ready to make a real and tangible difference in your life I highly recommend you work with Shellee! Brian H. 

I struggled for weeks and weeks to uncover a block I was experiencing around a specific direction I needed to take. This block was holding me back from moving forward in my life and living my true passion and purpose. Shellee's intuitive listening and insightful questioning helped me to get clear on what I needed to do, which direction to take, and develop a plan of action to finally step into the life I always wanted to live.

Nancy A.

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